Adepts of Pendel

A Simple Request

The Island of Azmira

2nd day of Veltom, 1517 Throalic


In the morning, Dirt and Titch are contacted by Hardy, a representative of Master Morsys.  He has found a tasking for them.  Upon meeting him, theyare asked to find a book and a mask in a Kaer that had been breached, Azmarin.  The kaer is known and documented, but there is no record of the book (a large black covered book with colored stones in the corner) or the mask (leather with gold, silver and brass tracings).  It is possible they were removed but not recorded, but if they could go search, they will be paid.

Master Morsys provides them with a sailor to take them to the small island of Azmira and they head out that night with the freshening breezes, arriving at the small island before mid of night.  They spy some movement early in the morning, before dawn, but find a place to put to shore in the morning. 

They spend the morning drying their armor after a dunk in the slight surf…

before mid-day they find a small stone structure, and upon exploring it, they determine they may not be alone on the island.  They begin following the tracks and are ambushed by a bow wielding dwarf adn his companions…



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